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Some may be wondering why my pajamas come with a coordinating scrunchie. (For those of you not privileged to know- scrunchies are fabric-covered hair ties. ;)  There are two main reasons that this a big part of my brand packaging... 1) I wanted to honor my husband's love of dress shirts- in prints of gingham, houndstooth, plaid... 2) My grandmother (Jean) and I would use her leftover fabric to make scrunchies when I was young!  My collections will always have meaning in every last detail.  Keep a look out for houndstooth/gingham/plaid in actual pajama prints!!!  XOXOXO,    Lauren   

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Why Pajamas?

“Why did she choose pajamas?”  “Ruffles on the bum, really?”  “What’s with the logo?”   “Why is she taking such a huge gamble with her life/career?”             Before I share my journey, I want to bring to your attention the importance of sleepwear. Why do most of us only follow the rule, “dress for success”, during the daytime, in public? It is a well-known fact that feeling good about your appearance boosts confidence, mood, and productivity.   If you REALLY take notice…            Some of the BEST moments are spent in pajamas…holidays, sleepovers, after giving birth, snuggling on the couch after a long day of work, and my favorite: Sunday morning coffee. <3  On...

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